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Writing Sample:


        Bunnies just can’t wait for day
        to play with Dad whose been away.
        Will he send them back to bed?
        Or can they get him up instead?

        Turn these pages, one, two, three.
        And you’ll see how it will be.

        One Loose Goose

        Count the animals out to play.
        Count them as they run away.
        Lonely goose cooks up a feast.
        She asks over lots of beasts.

        By twos and threes and fours, they come.
        They slither, hop, clip-clop and run.
        But why did she include those bears?
        Read her story, if you dare.

        "No More!" said the Door

        Why would a door refuse to budge?.
        Please don’t be too quick to judge.
        He might be feeling sort of glum..
        Will he ever find his chum?

        Tate and Cleo

        When Louie left, Tate howled “ARRROOO!”
        There was nothing he could do.
        But when a cat moves in next door,
        it's an all out dog-cat war!

        Will the barking ever cease?
        Is there any chance for peace?.
        Big Bear just might end their feud.
        'Cause Big Bear thinks of them as food!

        They’re in danger! Take a look.
        Turn the pages in this book.

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