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This is the website for Katie Finn Gast.
She writes down her tales from the first to the last,
except when her characters spit, scowl and fight,
trying to alter their well plotted plight.

Without saying please, without asking their wish,
Katie’s straitened their clothes, and has said they like fish!
So they grumble and growl and act like true pests.
Then they mumble and howl and refuse to get dressed.

Poor Katie is sent straight on back to her desk
to sort through her words and unravel the mess.
When the dust finally settles, the story is told.
The characters win, prizing honor like gold.

Originally from Cincinnati, Katie Gast graduated with a BA from
Vanderbilt University. She has worked in IT and office management. In her spare time, she is both butler and maid for her cat. She also enjoys writing for children. She specializes in comic verse. She is a member of several critique groups as well as a member of SCBWI. She has two children who have flown from the nest. She lives with her husband, tabby cat and imagination in St. Louis Missouri.

Katie is a member of SCBWI. She has had several poems accepted in Well Versed 2012, a publication of the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writer’s Guild

She has started making art on her iPad.
Check out her new portfolio page.

contact me at: ktgast[at]gmail[dot]com

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