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Counting Christmas Cookies By Katie Gast

Bedtime, but Baby says, “No. No. No!”
Heads for the cookies, Mom’s tiny dynamo.

FIVE Christmas cookies sit, fresh from the store.
Baby eats one and cries, “I want more!”

Mom’s toes are tapping, “You’ve been well fed.”
Hugs Baby close and says, “Time to go to bed.”

FOUR Christmas cookies left. Huffle…SNUF…SNORE!
Baby eats one and cries, “I want more!”

Dad snorts awake, says, “No, sweetie-pie."
Tucks Baby back in bed, sings a lullaby.

THREEChristmas cookies left, toes on the drawer.
Baby eats one and cries, “I want more!”

Grammy rushes in and she joins the baby chase.
“Time for bed, Baby, but first let’s wash your face.”

TWO Christmas cookies left. Gramps at the door.
Baby eats one and cries, “I want more!”

Gramps tickles Baby on the toes and the tummy.
“Gramps wants a cookie. They smell mighty yummy.”

ONE Christmas cookie left. Gramps looks beat.
Baby grabs the cookie then feeds Gramps the treat!

NO Christmas cookies left. Crumbs on the floor.
Baby looks around and cries, “I want more!”

Gramps hunts for cookies, but none to be found.
Baby wails, “ALL GONE!” and flattens on the ground.

“SHH Everyone! Baby’s gone night-night.”
Tucks Baby back in bed and turns out the light.

Santa plummets in, down the chimney's trap door.
“Baby’s made the nice list. Here are FIVE cookies more!”

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